Global Activism

Raising Consciousness Towards a New World 

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Sri Chinmoy Ghose 


Zeitgeist the Movie 2007 

Even one action is a start.  When all of us come together as a collective,
change proves promising towards a new world filled with peace.

EXPOSE THE FED CARTEL - Boycott Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America
BOYCOTT THE NEWS NETWORKS - Use and protect the Internet.
BOYCOTT THE MILITARY - Wars have no place in our lives and on our planet.
BOYCOTT THE ENERGY COMPANIES - Get off the grid and make your home and car self-sustainable.
REJECT THE POLITICAL SYSTEM - Focus on working to dissolve the outdated system of politics in favor of technological redesign.

The Real Revolution is the Revolution of Consciousness

The Orion Project is a not-for-profit corporation created to transform the current energy, environmental and social crisis into a world of sustainability and enlightened abundance.
WakeUpWalmart America's Campaign to Change Walmart. Say YES to change.

Organic Consumers Association  Campaigning for Health, Justice, Sustainability, Peace and Democracy
Natural Solutions Foundation  Health Freedom Threats: Codex, FDA, Vaccinations, GMOs
"The Natural Solutions Foundation is an exempt international NGO (non-governmental organization). The Mission of the Foundation is to discover, develop, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the problems facing us and threatening our health and freedom. Since its founding in 2004, the Natural Solutions Foundation has pursued a vigorous program on many fronts, including natural solutions to significant social problems involving health and wellness. We consider health freedom to be part of those solutions. The threats to health and freedom are both domestic and international, as are the solutions." 

Protect Health Freedom  A Citizen's Petition
"We invite you to join the other Americans who treasure their ability to make decisions about their health for themselves and become part of the health freedom movement to preserve that right. Unfortunately, sitting idly by will not help us win.  But the passion, devotion, creativity and participation of every single person who joins us is absolutely essential to our success. You matter and your voice really does count.  If enough Americans take the steps then the sum of our actions will raise a roar for health freedom across the nation. It’s simple, really: do what you know is right and there will be an army of us doing what we all know is right."

Human Rights Stand Up For Your Rights and Animal Rights  Support Animal Welfare. Care2 Make a Difference website.

U.S. Government Admits to Inadequate 
Slaughterhouse Regulation