Origins of the Human Race on Earth


 Believe Nothing - Open But Your Eyes

This Awareness asks entities not to believe anything, but to look carefully at everything and to discern carefully what appears to be, yet to make up their minds about nothing, but to continue to search, to remain open to discovery, to remain in that state of "I don't know". For in that state, you cannot be closed to further learning and you will remain open to discovery without pre-judging anything.

Note: The term entities mentioned throughout the article refers to humans; "human beings".


Origins of the Human Race on Earth

The Sirians were masters of genetic engineering and as mentioned in the Sitchen books, The Earth Chronicles, helped to bring about the creation of the Cro-Magnon man through these genetic engineering experiments, much earlier in the history of mankind, using genetic engineering from mammals mixed with the earlier genetic mutation brought on by the Dragon, or Draco Reptoids along with their engineering of the Neanderthal types. That by adding the engineering of the mammalian brain over the Reptoid brain, the Sirians managed to create a more evolved humanoid; the Cro-Magnon or upright man, this known as the Homo Erectus, or Erect Human. It is for this reason that both have legitimate claims to the human race and to the ownership of the Earth; at least legitimate in terms of argument. They each feel some legitimacy to their claims. Of course, the humans, for the most part, would prefer their Sirian cousins over the Reptoid cousins or grandfathers, but there is a claim by Reptoid creatures for their argument that they were the original creators of humans, although their creation was intended for the purpose of enslaving the creature for work in mines and in the fields, and the Sirian action was that which disrupted their enslavement plans for their creation and it altered the nature of the humanoid so that the humanoid could evolve and have similar qualities of thought to those who were by those humanoids considered as gods.

Reptoids Behind the New World Order Would Again Make Us Slaves

This kind of control of all aspects of humanity is intended to help make humanity ready for complete servitude to the Draconian masters who are behind the New World Order; that these entities in time seek to have the SLAVES they once created genetically, but which were tampered with by the Sirians.

A Cosmic View of How Reptoids Are Created

From a cosmic point of view, all entities are aspects of this Awareness, whether they be alien to earth, or inhabitants of earth, or whether they be from other planets or systems, or other planes of existence; all are aspects of the Universal Consciousness, a consciousness that resides throughout the Universe in all things. When consciousness began to divide and fragment, each fragment took on its own unique appearance. Many of these fragments then divided further and created multitudes of fragmented beings similar to each other. Other fragments of the original group divided into multiple fragments, creating multitudes of other beings, having different features, different from the first fragmented group.

For example, those of the Reptilian types and those of the human types came from different fragments of consciousness. That in the sense of polarity, such as a line of a magnet or magnetic bar, the positive pole on one end and the negative pole on the other end; if this bar were made of light or consciousness, and one end of that bar were to develop faster than the other end, the faster growing end would become the head, the other end the tail. Now, if the positive end of the bar became the head, it would result in a creature different from the bar in which the negative end became the head. This Awareness is speaking in terms of molecular levels, also in terms of galactic and stellar levels and in terms of Universal levels; that whatever creature is created, it has a positive and a negative side and one side is energized more than the other.

The positive side, if energized more, becomes the head, and the negative side, if energized more, becomes the head. The Reptoids were born out of the negative end of such polarized energy, and the mammals were born out of the positive side of such energies, and there are, of course, many degrees in between. Thus, you see the cat with its cats eyes having certain qualities similar to that of the Reptoids and Greys and the dog with its round eyes and round pupils having certain qualities and facial features more akin to that of the human. Of course, the monkeys and anthropoid types are even closer to human shapes and forms and, of course, the serpents and reptiles are closer to the Reptoid forms and shapes.

Many entities have been conditioned to believe that man evolved out of the animal; that the energies of evolution coming up from the animal led to the creation of mankind, of humankind. That essentially, it was the opposite; that out of consciousness came rays of energy, split and divided like that from a prism, wherein light broke into various colors and light itself carrying consciousness, unique to its own vibration and color, than again began to split, created still further aspects of Being, which again split, carrying further aspects of being, in which aspects again split and continued ad infinitum. Animals essentially are cast off from the consciousness of humans and other higher creatures, and are splits in consciousness that occurred as this big bang of consciousness occurred, creating all the reflections moving down into greater and greater fragmentation. Thus, the Creators, the Creator, was the consciousness, but the gods that took on form were partly the next aspect of that Creator and subsequently came the plants and animals that followed as consciousness splintered and fragmented further.

Reptoids Are Spiritually Bankrupt Beings

They have great power. They have great technology. They are extremely efficient in what they do, but they lack compassion. They do not care for others, even among their own rank in the way that humans care. They are spiritually bankrupt, whereas humans are on the brink of spiritual abundance. It is so close, and when it comes, human powers will excel and exceed the technologies available to those Reptoids, for the spiritual powers will allow humans with their mentality and consciousness to have domination over those technological powers of the Reptoids.

It is not such a matter of good or evil, it is a matter of returning to the source, to the original consciousness from whence all came, and the Reptoids are at the extreme opposite end and have no direction to go except to return, and the humans are now close to Cosmic Consciousness. It will be but a matter of time before humans, in collective consciousness, can have greater power without touching what the Reptoids have with all of their technologies.

On a Planets Aura

Wherein violence, hostility, heavy sorrowful emotions, hatred and greed are present in a planetary influence, the aura of that planet emits these vibrations and draws in those forces which feed off that kind of energy.

The Greatest Error of the Lightworker

One thing which should be understood is that the Light Force should never attempt to attack the Forces of Darkness directly. That the greatest error of Lightworkers is to attack verbally, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially the Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) directly. The way whereby these forces can best be countered is not through attacking them directly, but through spreading the Light so that others may see those Dark Forces for what they are.

The awakening, the action of making people aware is that which breaks down the power and defuses the strength of the Forces of Darkness. This is what is meant by the statement: "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." This Awareness indicates that the Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) are very adept in turning Light Groups against each other. The Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) are capable of leading Light Workers to mistrust each other, to feel self-righteous, to presume themselves to be more holy, more correct than others, and thus to set one religion against another, one group against another, one individual against another, each claiming to be right or righteous more so than the other.

In this manner, the Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) can lead each group to feel that they are doing battle with the Forces of Darkness by attacking the other religion, the other group, or the other individual. Thus, each is in a holy war for a holy cause of destroying evil, destroying the Darkness which emanates from the other. The only true way to avoid this type of manipulation by the Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) is not ever to attack these Dark Forces directly, but rather to spread the Light and to spread the word, and to expose these forces for what they are, wherever they are found to be at work.

Why Awareness Has Come at This Time

All present attempts to pursue and maintain power and control over others are but creating structures that will inevitably be converted into systems designed to serve the people rather than to enslave them; yet, it is a matter of when this will occur, rather than whether it will occur. It is for this reason that this Awareness communicates with entities at this time, and it is for this purpose that entities need to look closely at that which is occurring on their plane, for these energies are a potential force that may be used for good or ill at this time, even as a wind may be harnessed for service, or may wreak havoc.

Any good computer programmer can understand the programming system used in Atlantis and Egypt if they are also capable of comprehending the nature of psychic forces, and can comprehend the Pyramid and Sphinx as being likened unto the pituitary and pineal of the collective consciousness upon this plane, and the mummified corpses may be understood as human transmitters, capacitors or other psycho-electro-magnetic components. This Awareness indicates this action created great suffering for many millions of entities upon this plane, and that action (resulting in destruction) from Atlantis was initiated for the glory and the power of the followers of Baal, the followers of Lucifer, the followers of the mind, and its structuring system of hierarchy, polarity, manipulation and control.

Your Life's Script

This script may continue and may occur in this manner if entities do insist on having it happen in this manner, due to programmed attitudes and belief patterns in their consciousness. However, this Awareness has come at this time, likened unto a thief in the night, and offer that opportunity, that alternative action, that new script, which entities may claim as their own, as a rapture and an escape from the greater tribulations that lie ahead on the path of the present programming. This Awareness wishes no ill to any entity, and does not wish that they should perish, but that all should inherit eternal life, eternal joy, and eternal peace.

This Awareness indicates the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers also are unwitting victims of the programming from these ancient script-writings, and are simply playing the roles that are being forced upon them. This Awareness offers entities on this plane an opportunity to change the ending of this script, to allow all entities to be free of these ancient forces whose originators are no longer in control of these forces, and are not even aware of their own involvement in having started the movement of these forces. These forces may be defused, may be stopped, but it is only through the changing of consciousness that this may occur, and consciousness cannot be changed until entities look at what is happening from a new viewpoint, a new perspective.

A Call to Awaken Entities Upon This Plane

This Awareness wishes to call attention to what is happening on this plane, not in order to set one force against another, not to condemn, nor judge anyone, but to awaken entities on this plane so that millions need not suffer needlessly. This Awareness suggests that once the attention is called to the problem of the money-systems, and the works of the money-changers, it becomes necessary to awake the masses to the realization that the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are being controlled and programmed also, and have little or no choice in their lives, and are being forced to play the roles which they are playing.

This Awareness wishes entities to understand that it is not necessary to continue this drama; that this drama, the entire scene, the entire final act is unnecessary and inappropriate and need not climax on human life upon this Earth. This Awareness indicates that entities need only look totally once at that which is happening upon this plane, and when this is done completely, wherein there is no fear or flinching, wherein enough of consciousness sees clearly what is happening, then entities may look away and never again to look at this unworthy scene.

Wherein this is seen clearly enough, that entities never again will be trapped and seduced by the money-changers (international bankers), the old drama may be transcended, and a new drama and script may begin which will free entities from the economic bondage to the money-changers, and will free the money-changers from fear and terror of the masses that force them to deceive and to seek greater power to avoid confrontation with the masses.

How to Avoid the Battle of Armageddon

This Awareness indicates that every human face is every other human face, and in the human face there is seen the need for love, peace, harmony, respect and dignity. This Awareness wishes to awaken entities to that peace, dignity, respect, love, and to that life of harmony, whereby each entity looks out for the welfare of each other entity, and thereby avoiding that tragedy, sorrow, violence; and that which has been called the "Battle of Armageddon" as it need not occur on the outer plane.

All is One

There is the Law of One and all resides within this Law.
That all souls are cells of the body of this Awareness, and when this Law is obeyed there is no need for any entity to struggle or to compete; for this is likened unto the parts of one's body fighting the other parts of one's body, and in general the body being at war with itself.
With the Law of One you may be at peace, in the body of this Awareness.
The Law of One is a fixed and Universal Law, in which those who understand the Law of One realize that All is One, and all that appears to be separate, will in the end be nothing but an illusion to those who followed the path of the separateness which appeared as scattered fragments.
The Universe is One totality and when entities recognize that whole Universe, then they may move into that Universal harmony where All is One.