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Dear Friends ~

A profile photo on the "Who I Am" column was omitted for a reason.  Sometimes pictures can distract the reader from the authenticity of the blog and further, I'd like to state that outward appearances only symbolize a fraction of a person's true identity.  

Nonetheless, the time calls for each of us to recognize the value of every person's soul - to see their uniqueness without adverse judgment on superficiality, whatsoever. Withhold analytical judgement and know that beauty is only skin deepInstead, seek well meaning integrity from the heart, mind, soul and spirit.  This is what truly counts.  When you view your fellowman's entire persona from an unbiased perspective, you are performing an unselfish act of love.  

Since we're on the subject of appearances - I would like to share a regular incident that occurs when I'm out in public or at event gatherings - a tendency to generate an uncanny way of eliciting drawn out gazes or either be asked what is my ethnicity.  Just imagine, *sigh* of having to repeat my genetic history for the umpteenth time to random strangers and newfound friends.  It really does get redundant... so to settle the issue on this blog, the photo right below portrays my appearance to satisfy curiosity in those who may question - who is this eccentric woman proclaiming these revelations?  Is nothing sacred any more?  No, and yes I digress, as Shakespeare quoted, "there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies", and now back on topic - given my age, time and again, request of my heritage will likely continue to garner my response.  So that's that.  And now I divulge my infamous earthly ancestry with a brief profile. 
So here goes - first, home town.  I am a baby-boomer born and raised in the  multi-diverse city of San Francisco, California.  I am married with an awesome 19 yr. old son and a lovely daughter, which both are such beautiful souls.  Biological ancestry: multicultural with Native American - Blackfoot Sioux, Black Irish with likely a bit of Creole on mom's side.  Dad's lineage: Chamorro (Agana, Guam in the western Pacific Ocean  Mariana Islands, Micronesia region).

One could say I have always been multi-creative (since 9/10 yrs. old, perhaps younger) with works centered on art, poetry, music, complex crafts, etc., to name a few.  Others won't be disclosed since they are not relevant to this blog.  Just envision someone who can master whatever her mind and hands decide to muster with rarely a dull moment in the mix.  Now that's living life!

My foremost interest lies in the study of the human condition on third dimensional earth, the teachings of higher knowledge in esoteric works, mystery schools, spiritual evolution, metaphysics and the planet that is undergoing ascension on a cosmic scale.  Through delving into unlimited research, I feast my eyes upon any and all related reading material that pertains to those subjects.  The mission here is to gather the wisdom, then share and educate those who wish to acquire insight into life's most profound truths of mankind, unconditional love, the nurturing of spirit, and the incredible history of our amazing planet and the Universe. 

During my youth I was educated through traditional schooling that didn't fare well with my inherent personality, and which made me speculate why and why me.  Just stop the world I want to get off! 

Fitting into the structure of the classroom arena did prove to be a bit complex more than expected, not to say the least a daunting struggle, yet, thankfully, supportive teachers saw something far greater in me.  As a result with many of them I became teacher's pets and thank those lucky stars I actually achieved excellent grades once indoctrinated into the system.  Now, don't get me wrong...conventional instruction was quite beneficial and I'm appreciative for compulsory subjects -  although my creative gifts will eternally triumph over programmed scholastic endeavors.

Although I endured the left brain school of thought all through the latter part of high school, I mused over the fact that superfluous subjects would not serve my highest good in life.  Now how did I know that?  Perhaps I was subconsciously aware that the educational system was amiss all along with mass society tagged right beside it.  I didn't consider myself a part of the herd mentality.  In other words I marched to the beat of a different drummer.  Excuse me but being in this world has never made any sense; humanity and their actions downright confused the living daylights out of me and I likely confused others as well. Talk about being on a different wave length.  I didn't belong here and being misunderstood seemed to make matters worse.  Regardless, whether I liked it or not, I had to go with the flow and surrender to the system until high school graduation, when...lo and behold! a life changing incident quaked my world shortly thereafter.  Yes, a bombshell had hit its mark dead on when I became a mother.  This incident was just another fork in the road I decided to take.  It's called free will, if you may.  And all through trying to understand how perplexing it was to be thrust into motherhood at such a young age, as I contemplate and look back, I would never change the course of events.  It's all good no matter what.

My mom and I parented my beautiful daughter.  As years progressed I took 9-5 jobs that came and went.  Unfulfilled and restless I sought answers to life's complexities.  There were so many questions that needed answers to who I really was and what my true purpose in life was supposed to be.  But it wasn't time just yet - for I still had soul growth to complete in this lifetime.  So then somewhere along the way I began to adopt the role of self educator in The School of Life, that was duly welcomed as my eternal source for Truth... and which still remains today.  Aside from experiencing dualities that come with life, I thank my lucky stars that self teaching was one of the most enlightening phenomenons brought forth.  What is the sense of learning lies and half truths from conventional studies when Reality is ‘knowing’ within ones intuitive self.  We all have the gift, it’s just a matter of tapping into it.  

As time advanced further, my intuition began its evolution to discernment - societal dogma that is unquestionably corrupt in the present era of our planet's illusive creation.  This insight was certainly there in plain view but was quickly abandoned when freewill and temptation beckoned in all its egotistical glory.  This was not the road to spiritual enlightenment, oh no.  I was led astray as naivety took me on a journey to uncharted territory of destructive influences, where along this expedition I encountered energy vampires, distorted affairs and ravenous sociopaths while becoming enmeshed in veiled reality.  Understand, not all was fraught with darkness.  There were several lighthearted occasions interspersed throughout, though few and far between, nonetheless.....I became a victim in a soulless liaison, a fearful environment of massively exploited activity that dragged me down into the depths of ultimate disgrace.  Unwelcome trials and errors continued to play out their dramas resulting in mental and physical abuse, health-threatening afflictions and a near-death experience, until - mid-late forties when circumstances took a turn in a promising direction.  There was light at the end of the tunnel after all.  At last, I breathed a sigh of relief as I broke free from the stranglehold of delusions and drama that most of humanity is now living and acting out today.

Life lessons occur to awaken us- so that we can recognize the valuable messages they impart, which is to encourage soul growth.  When one is tempted to tread on the wrong track, stop...wake up...listen to spirit within…and turn back.  Why collect needless karma.

Well I did learn many lessons in some of the most challenging ways possible, and now a newer improved version of me has emerged at the age of 61+. Having lived many lives, one can describe me as an "old soul" whose evolution has been fulfilled into a joyful re-awakened spiritual being - and what an elated feeling this is.  There is so much to be grateful for, especially for the human ‘experience’ I agreed to partake on our magnificent jeweled orb we call home... Mother Earth.

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