Lightworkers and Lightwarriors

What is a Lightworker?

"A Lightworker is a person who is holding the vision for society as a whole – working with conscious awareness to create balance and harmony within his light body, and thus 
vibrating in resonance with the higher frequencies of the ascension process."

Welcome Fellow Lightworkers/Lightwarriors

The path of the lightworker/lightwarrior is not an easy path.  Some think that it is all froth and bubble - keeping other's happy.  It can be very difficult to keep oneself's mind in a state of single-mindedness when it comes to standing in one's own TRUTH and LIGHT. The lightwarrior is always a target because they stand up for what is right, conscious that leading others in the wrong direction goes against spiritual laws. For anyone who holds themselves in a position of wayshower, they must be connected to the higher spiritual sources to make certain that the correct information is given to wayseekers. Experienced lightworkers/lightwarriors, take their position very seriously.  I see a lot of well-informed spiritual teachers here who give different insights from their own experiences, and also experiences from helping others.  It becomes a smorgasbord of sharing spiritual food, we are always hungry for that.  The lightworker/warrior who is serious about their responsibility as wayshower, is conscious of ones who are awakening being misguided.  An experienced lightworker who is sourced from higher dimensions can quickly detect if misinformation is being circulated.  Of course, with many websites available on the net, one can pick and choose, personal choice.  Lots and lots of information from well-sourced and not so well-sourced material. I guess it comes back to the wayseeker as to what they choose to accept, or better still, follow their own path.  Also, being a lightworker/warrior makes you very sensitive to energies.  With experience, one can detect another's feelings even through the computer, and if able to tune into others easily, may see a picture in their minds that gives them a clue on how to help someone. Very handy if you can do that.  It is what we were born to do.  Even equipped with all the love and compassion one can hold within, we are still human and feel compelled to support only which comes from truth and the light. We forge ahead and spread our light and love everywhere we go.  It is obvious that it is getting through when people you haven't met before, are drawn to you with a smile or a chat. It's lovely when that happens when you're out shopping, sometimes it makes your day.  Anyway, just some of my views on lightworker/warrior experiences.

Shared with love, Tara.