LIFE  IS  BUT  A  D R E A M...

 "All  of  Our  Thoughts  and  Actions  Affect  the  Outcome  of  All  Realities"





Greetings to all.   Are you now ready for veiled truths to come forth?  Well of course you are or you wouldn't be here on this page at this very moment in cyberspace linear time... then on the other hand you may get an uneasy feeling and decide to exit this page real quick.  Not so fast please, gather your bearings  - take a deep breath... Remember dear reader, you have come on your own volition and no one is forcing you otherwise.  Do you feel courageous enough to read further? 

To begin with for the sake of mankind, everyone, yes every single soul who inhabits this world has a right to know what is really taking place on our magnificent emerald planet.  In other words... what's up with the people and earth these days?  Quite a bit, actually.

  "We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet 
is the mental institution of the universe" 
Johann Von Goethe

The truth to this statement is right here.

"Dysfunctional business goes on as usual" and yet has become increasingly disruptive filled with Geo-political polarization and inconceivable intolerance among worldwide cultures and religions. Major turmoil amongst humans and senseless violence are at an all time high as well.  In general things are heating up quite a bit on the planet and mind you it's not just the detrimental global warming or rather climate changes.  

Realize that Mother Earth has her own grave tribulations to address in which she will prevail in the long run.  Gaia has compassionate assistance from the Galactic Confederation of Light and the collective consciousness endeavors of Lightworkers who factor in supporting her healing and ascension.  No matter what doomsayers predict we will not be allowed to destroy the planet.  Leave it to their dark assumptions and realities they create.  Yes, we have the power and free will to obliterate ourselves if that is what we choose to do.  And due to humanity's misuse of unsound technology and our obvious arrogance, materialism, negligence and obsession with gadgets...well, if all continues down this path everything is sure to backfire just as it did during the Atlantis era...and justifiably so, unfortunately to the detriment of mankind.  And to those souls who have deep karmic imprints remaining - specifically individuals who have shamelessly abused humanity, the environment, the flora and fauna on this magnificent planet, they will have to address these issues by repeating their incarnation until their spiritual evolution meets the requirements to progress further. 
Nonetheless, if it becomes absolutely necessary to intervene on earth, our cosmic allies will do so before world conditions reach apocalyptic proportions.  So the good news is, Gaia and humanity will eventually get back on track to our pristine existence as it was originally eons ago. 

Again, it is our decision to determine the outcome of humanity's existence.  So please don't put your mind state in the negative sense.  Envision a Utopian society.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.  We've got to come together to do this for the benevolence of mankind.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."


Meanwhile back on the shadow planet front know that each waking day brings disturbing aspects of shady affairs (most unbeknownst to the masses) that are going on right beneath our noses...and they aren't a pretty sight.  Still if you have questions or haven't a clue on what in heavens name is happening to mankind in general, then aren't you the least bit curious?  Allow me to elaborate briefly but first... 

For those who wish to take a big step further - jump in front of the line and dive into a crash course in Humanity 101 with Montalk's  Fringe Knowledge for Beginners   CAUTION:  this is not for the faint of heart.
Are you aware that mankind's alleged reality is manipulated by a select Power Elite?  I'll refer them as the Overlords also.  So, does this sound like something out of a science fiction movie?  Well let me tell you it is far from fiction.  This is no paradox here - it's truth yet unreal.  Hello, are you waking up now?  First of all, please never ever, ever fear for it is the fear energy that feeds and nourishes the dark-minded Illuminati, powered by the Annunaki who are playing out their staged agenda to keep humans in a suppressed brainwashed mindset, so to say.  To put it bluntly, these covert beings are messing with our heads on an etheric level (the human energy field) with a specific goal they see fit... to prohibit the evolving of  M-A-N-K-I-N-D 

Immeasurable hidden knowledge (Universal Truths) are barred from the people.  And yes it's quite complicated to explain in detail, and that is why I highly suggest first-time readers read Fringe Knowledge to get re-acquainted with the origins of mankind.  Montalk has it down pat elaborating humanity's  trials, tribulations and fleeting existence in our deteriorating ill-usive third dimension planted in the holographic universe.  

I'll say this truthfully and say it once again - in this challenging era most society is either hypnotically tranced out or possibly comatose from prescription drugs, (1 in 10 people in the U.S. are on anti-depressants - from 2011 statistics) consuming toxic food governed by the corrupt mass food industry, living and breathing in a polluted environment, not to mention being spiritually and mentally stunted, for "The Powers That Be [Control]" implies:  This is how the masses should be and shall remain, for the less humans know of their false deeds the better off we are.

Please I ask, for the planet's sake and for your peace of mind...DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT believe one bit of this 'ignorance is bliss' garbage.  Ignorance is NOT Bliss and mind you, it's time to refute this adage from the English lexis.  So give it the boot right out of your conscious. 

Next, on to Universal Truths.  They are by no means concealed, nor are they forbidden from the public.  It's all out there, people.  Just lift your heads out of the sand, we all have free will that allows one to travel the route to "Seek and you shall find" most any information to take full advantage of... except, well pardon me, there seems to be one tricky obstacle for the masses - abundant research.  Yes indeed, alas, ample research is required to unearth your infinite Reality, which most people wish not to waste their time to do because they may be skeptical, disillusioned, lethargic, subjugated and mind-controlled; or for the major part - enmeshed in their tedious indulgent earthly lives.  So why even bother doing anything to advance ourselves.
Yet... now read the following paragraph carefully.  

Have you ever had an inkling of desire to know what your true purpose in life is?  Well my friend, for starters let's just say phenomenal opportunities await those who have the courage and an open mind to seek them.  We literally have the world at our fingertips because WE ARE THE WORLD. YOU plus Empowerment is all it takes.  So it's time to snap out of this reverie and emerge from the dense shroud of illusion -  free yourself to become the Master of your Divine Self and Eternal Destiny.

Changing the Tides of Fear

"From out of the nothingness of the great void the Light issued forth ~ From the Light you sprang forth into being… Masters of Destiny~ You have since the beginning always held the ability to set forth the dictates of your Reality ~ Even now the Universe awaits your command… Master yourself and you will Master your life… From the Light you came and unto the Light you will return… from the dream." 
~Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf

Thank goodness for technology that has brought forth the internet - it's one of the best things ever to happen to humanity.  The world wide web is brimming with a plethora of articles, entertainment, education, videos and a host of other diversions that captures our mind and attention and truthfully... sometimes to the point of excess especially if  it's vacuous time spent - well you know what I mean.   So here we've got the good, the bad, the ugly, innocent, not so innocent, you name it, practically everything you can think of or wish for to view or listen to at your own discretion sits right in front of you on that amazing computer.  And on this incredible piece of technology is where I utilize my evening hours to perform a vast variety of tasks but primarily to research. Research that goes beyond the norm, way over my head, out there to the sun, moon and stars, yes, literally meant in a galactic sort of way.  I won't go much into detail except to say that the type of research I do takes quite a bit of conscientious discernment, which is a sense of knowing and trusting one's intuition.  Innate wisdom is one of the greatest gifts I have been blessed with, and the reason Living in a Dream World was created.  Now LDW has come forth to reveal what you need to know in the Age of Pisces, the 26,556 year cycle which is about to close and end all dark scenarios, negativity and duality on the planet. do have a choice. 

We are light beings having a physical experience
Evolving back to our natural state

The Aquarian Age is set to birth forth Humanity's evolution, a society of fully conscious loving beings who will inhabit yours truly...Mother Terra.  The new era or should we say, the planetary cycle is to be fully complete by approximately 2070, although nothing is actually set in stone, for it takes at least fifty percent (70% is ideal) of the entire humanity's collective consciousness to effect a major shift to occur.  Yet lo and behold like a 'thief in the night', Divine Intervention may disclose an alternate plan any time or day depending on specific circumstances.  And whether or not we come together to co-create the new planet, amazing Terra will continue her ascension with or without us.  

So you decide which home to call yours.  When the New Consciousness Era arrives, it will be a world where humanity will live by the Seven Virtues of Life- and who wouldn't love to take part in this most glorious experience.

"We are now nearing the end of the Piscean Age. An astrological age lasts about 2000 years. The Aquarian age will be in full force by 2060. Michael Tsarian suggests 2012, in conjunction with the Mayan calendar, among other things. In any case – soon. The energies of the ruling sign directly affect the nature of the way people interact and events unfold. As the shift between ages approaches, there is an overlapping shift in the ruling energies. The Piscean energies recede and the Aquarian energies grow stronger each day." "Aquarian Age" by Stephen Ruback © 2006

Living in a Dream World is a continuous work-in-progress for those who wish to know 'there is more to this dream-life' that meets the eye, which by far is a reality beyond anything you could ever imagine.  My motto:  It's Not What to Believe - But How One Perceives...for understanding is one of seven keys that opens the door to a person's full potentiality in the infinite Universe.

I now extend a warm Welcome to You, to Yours and to Everyone who lays eyes upon these pages.  You have now taken a cosmic leap forward to liberate your mind by being here.  There's plenty of exciting reading ahead so let's get started.