2012: The Online Movie Final Cut

If there is one video that I highly recommend, 2012 - The Online Movie Final Cut Updated is it.  2012 gives us a deeper understanding of humanity’s universal ancestry, the future of what is to come and much more.  This Youtube video is almost three hours long so you may not desire or have the time to complete viewing it.  Just note the counter when you stop and return to it later.  Terminating the movie prematurely will require you to reload again unless you pause it indefinitely.

Be aware this is NOT the terrifying 2012 film released in 2009 that got many worked up in a tizzy.  2012 - The Online Movie has no, I repeat, no connotations with the former; but rather it is an educational film for the masses and a fine one at that.  In a nutshell, life on earth is not what you think it is.  Get used to the phrase and get inspired- for you are about to be in absolute awe given that humanity is reaching a crossroad; in time for the most incredible ride of a lifetime ever in major galactic history.

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Namaste' With Love, Joy & Peace to You,
D. Partier