A Message From Mother Earth

Excerpt from "Grounding Yourself Through Joy and Creativity"

"I would like to ask you to travel with me to the future, to a new earth. Imagine that the evolution we are now in together has progressed a few steps further. I am myself evolving towards a more expanded self-awareness. This new awareness has been awakened inside me, urged by both the good and the bad times on earth. I am becoming more self-conscious and creative in my being. There’s a longing in my heart for a reality in which humanity and earth reinstate their original bond of love and companionship. A new earth on which we joyfully cooperate and I am again inspired by your love and thoughtful attention, while I provide you with all that you need, living in a physical body and attuned to the rhythm of nature.
Imagine this new earth that you all so long for, present in the now moment. In our hearts it is already alive, as a seed. Let us nurture this seed with consciousness and have it sprout in our imagination. See yourself living on this new earth. What is the first thing you notice? Humans are living in harmony with nature here. Technology is used to support nature rather than manipulate it. See whether you can find yourself a house on this new earth. There is a place and a community there in which you feel like you belong. Let your imagination guide you, and feel no restrictions. Where do you live on this new earth? Can you find a natural surrounding in which you feel comfortable? Feel the climate, feel the ease and simplicity of life there. Life is pure and simple there, as it is meant to be.
Now take a look at what kind of work you do. Work means anything that inspires you and gives you a sense of fulfillment. What are you doing? You probably live in a small community of kindred spirits and you do exactly what your soul inspires you to do. What form does your creativity take?
When you see or feel this, know that your soul is speaking to you in the present. What you are seeing is something that you long to do right now, and something you can do right now, if only you trust and dare to be who you are. This is the work of your heart.
Now in this imagination of the new earth, feel also what it is you truly enjoy. Let your inner eye provide you with a situation in which you truly enjoy yourself and receive something from what earth has to offer you. Let an image of what that is spontaneously well up in your mind. What is it that truly makes you feel: all is well and I am content.
Feel the flow of giving and receiving in this place, this new reality. And hold on to it when we go back to the present.
Earth is in a transition stage and the more people remember what their inspiration is, what they are here to give and to receive, the sooner the new earth will become a reality. It is you who will give birth to this reality. I thank you for this and I find joy in your presence."

© Pamela Kribbe 2010