The Corrupt Mass Food Industry

The Following Document is an Abridged Version in Reference to the Food Industry

It was originally posted October 2009

First, it is ridiculed. 
Second, it is violently opposed. 
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. 
Arthur Schopenhauer



Dear Mankind,

This document may seem controversial to some. Controversial or not, skeptic or believer, I will tell you why this document is worth everyone's time to understand a potential national crisis that may impact you and your family's well-being and happiness.

As an intuitive STO truth and health freedom advocate for humanity and animals, my mission is to inform and educate the public on important issues...and this is one serious issue.

The power cartel behind congressional corruption has gone stark raving mad by bringing to action a manipulative assault upon Americans through the food source. Pending in the House are the approved Senate bills S.510/S.3767, which if passed, will allow the industrialization of the US food supply. Wholesome foods, fresh produce, grains, livestock, nutritional supplements will be under regulation, while family farms will be forbidden to share, trade or sell their harvest, leading to poor or little business for farmers’ markets.

Mandatory policies will also require crop growers to cultivate GMO (terminator seeds) crops, and ranchers will be required to purchase genetically engineered feed for their livestock. The Draconian bill S.3767 will incriminate dietary supplement manufacturer’s for citing biological benefits of their products, and retailers could be jailed up to 10 years as a result. Meanwhile, food adulteration will increase and continue under the current system. 

'Under provisions in CETA [Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement], using saved seed could result in a farmer's land, equipment, and crops being seized for alleged infringement of intellectual property rights attached to plant varieties owned by corporations such as Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and Bayer.
"It includes the freezing of bank accounts too, so you couldn't even defend yourself in court. And this is for alleged infringement," says NFU [National Farmers Union] president Terry Boehm. ...”
"These are the most draconian measures possible and they would literally create a culture of fear in the farm population where, I think, that ultimately farmers would end up buying seeds every year for every acre just to avoid prosecution or the threat of prosecution".' Complete article here.

Whether food fascism begins today, tomorrow or in the future - action must be taken to prevent this malicious proposal from getting started. Currently, food monopoly is directed to citizens all over the world - chiefly in the US, where society has been undergoing a chemical attack for many years, and as a result we have disgracefully become a culture of excess, ill-fed, dependent, xenophobic, self-indulgent apathetic beings. Evidence is all around. Perhaps you may not be one who fits into any of these categories, but do you know a person or two who does? Nonetheless, no matter what your economic status is or who you are, if you consume conventional foodstuffs or eat in restaurants, you are affected.

To date, food industrialization is planned for the United States, although, whatever happens in the US- affects the entire world.

Statistics reveal that America's obesity crisis is bound to reach a staggering level of 75% within the next 10 years unless we do something about it. We just cannot keep going like this!

What in the world is happening?

Big GOVernment is playing out one of their global conspiracies. Yes, a conspiracy. Sorry to say but sooner or later society will have to acknowledge the fact. As unfortunate as this may sound or rather seem, with all such revelations comes a degree of betrayal. See that the signs of the times are upon us. The power elite will continue to brainwash the collective mind-state so we-the-people do not question their covert dictatorship upon us. In turn, the masses are bombarded with materialistic distractions, societal dogma and entertainment galore to further sidetrack the human mind. The more we conform to the herd mentality by being misinformed and unaware, the more power to the globalists. And in the outcome we pay the price for being a nation of apathetic restless souls who think this is how life is supposed to be. NO! Life is not meant to be this way. We are merely veiled in this illusion that we perceive as reality and now it is time to wake up and face our demons.

Of late, the elitists have experienced manipulative setbacks upon the masses, for example their failed fear mongering plot, (people are gradually wising up) the false 2009 ‘Swine Flu’ pandemic and the compulsory vaccine. Pandemic? What pandemic?! HFUSA (Health Freedom USA) presented a ‘Stop the Shot’ litigation with nearly 3,000,000 emails sent to Congress to push the bill back- and we succeeded. A few of you may remember receiving this petition from me over a year ago. Now seeing that 2010 is here and almost gone, a whole new set of major concerns have transpired, anything they can conjure to keep us under subliminal oppression. And once again the dangerous seasonal flu vaccine (with the added H1N1 strain) has returned to the scene presently slated for children…and it is more threatening than ever. Of course you won’t hear much of this in the news if at's classified - remember? Please do not be coerced into getting the vaccine. 

To make this clear, the Senate bills S.510/S.3767 and their purpose thereof, are not speculations, they are straight facts.

On the bright side, be grateful for the whistle-blowers. These truth seekers commit their time to alert the masses to nefarious schemes from Big Brother and how we as the human species can come together to end these crimes against humanity. 

A few worth mentioning is, David Icke (pronounced Ike) (UK) author of “Exposing the Dreamworld We Believe to Be Real”, Jim Marrs (Fort Worth, Texas), Jordan Maxwell (Pensacola, Florida), and Amitakh Stanford,  

One would do well to read these messages with some discernment and an unbiased perspective, for each one presents their own valuable opinions and possible solutions to society. In all that's said, appreciate these courageous men and women as well as other numerous web authors for coming forth with any crucial information they can give us.

For over 40 years I have gathered a wealth of unorthodox information for those who desire to know the truths of the illusory world we live in. Since this document delves with a particular topic, I will concentrate on the real issue at hand, which my friend, is to reveal the low-down on the food industry. Mind you, only a sample taste (pun) is on the menu since this exposé has no end in sight. Consider this written material as your natural health awakening call-to-action.

Henry Kissinger, a New World Order conniver, once said, "If you control the food supply, you control the people." 

Important to know: Conventional provisions such as vegetables, fruit, meats, seafood, dairy, grains, etc., and approximately 80% of factory-made mass produced prepackaged foods sold in supermarkets, served in restaurants and fast-food franchises are contaminated with preservatives, and/or laden with toxic additives/chemicals and pesticides. Brief statistics of US (GMO) genetically modified food crops: soy and its derivatives; soybean oil, lecithin (emulsifier), vitamin E, etc.,- (93%); corn- (86%); canola- (93%); cottonseed oil- (93%); and rice is slated for modification in 2012. Other altered crops are tomatoes, zucchini, sweet peppers and sugar cane (processed white sugar). Organic soy and corn are now becoming endangered species. Reports reveal that at least 80% of organic soy products in the US are now genetically engineered (2009 statistics). Where does it begin or end? Let's just say the entire food chain is likely infected with this disastrous organism.

Be on the alert for so-called ‘organic’ claims made on certain products as they may be under the pretense of consumer fraud. Why are we seeing so much of the word 'natural’ on product labels? The term is blatant propaganda spawned by the Rockefellers’ globalized Green Revolution. Jump on the bandwagon, join the herd – natural is a term blown far out of context, beyond constraint to appease the growing interest of people who sincerely wish to eat wholesome foods.

Big Agribiz is taking full advantage of society by selling us the alleged ‘natural’ goods hype on their misleading stipulations. Several renown multinationals have bought out some of the sincere small organic companies, which after once under their ownership, they covertly destroy those honest-to-goodness products by adulterating the living life out of them. Goods are tainted with a host of mystery chemicals and acronyms and occasionally one may come across an unpronounceable word. Where did it come from? Furthermore, defy defining it. One almost certainly needs a chemistry degree to comprehend most terms. Worse yet…undisclosed substances may be purposely tossed into food that the public will never ever know of - and that is what is most disturbing.

Remember the term irradiate back in the 90's? What was all that about? Some of you may have been too young to know what this term means. Here is a brief explanation. The purpose of irradiation is to kill harmful bacteria in addition to annihilate most nutrients if not all. It is used primarily to extend the shelf life of processed ready-to-eat/drink - heat n' serve foodstuffs, canned goods, etc. Closely note those suspicious post expiration dates of months and sometimes years stamped right on labels. Shouldn’t this tell you that something is not right with those products? Be mindful, USDA officially approved poultry irradiation in 1992 - beef in 2002 and today has extended irradiation to fresh fruits, vegetables and spices. Look for the irradiation symbol (below) which may or may not be printed on packages.

Food Irradiation: The Untold Story The food That Would Last Forever 

Nutrition labels may be wrought with flimsy and sometimes lengthy data that can deter one from reading them, primarily because many are just too plain confusing to the general populace...and with intent to be so. Aside the frustration, various labels can prove quite daunting as they portray the smallest print many eyes can barely perceive, yet understand. Perhaps it’s just easier for those to skim the clever marketing and purchase the item because of eye appeal, convenience, and especially for the taste. So...these are perfectly innocent reasons – yet...what’s up with the italicized taste?

MSG: an excitotoxin notably recognized as monosodium glutamate. It is a substance added to processed ingredients in packaged products to make food flavorsome, therefore stimulate the desire to overeat. Almost all factory made foods contain processed- free glutamic acid (MSG) in some form or another labeled under a vast number of obscure terms…it is a highly addictive substance that triggers allergic reactions, respiratory problems, weight gain (obesity), mental disorders, physical deterioration, the list goes on.

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D: “There are a growing number of clinicians and basic scientists who are convinced that excitotoxins play a critical role in the development of several neurological disorders, including migraines, seizures, infections, abnormal neural development, certain endocrine disorders, specific types of obesity, and especially the neurodegenerative diseases; a group of diseases which includes: ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s” disease, and olivopontocerebellar degeneration.

If you are not familiar with the FDA’s GRAS (generally recognized as safe) acronym. Don’t buy into it. Think for a moment, if it were not for toxic elements in the food (and water) supply - rampant disease and escalating obesity would not even exist today. Realize this…it’s what goes into food that causes most illness today and in time kills - surely the sole objective from the commanding. And with indiscriminate use of prescription drugs prescribed for those very diseases derived from frankenfood…understand, you or those whom you know are troubled with chronic ill health can likely link their maladies and Big Pharma drug dependance to FOOD (whether chemical laden and overindulgence) and to a lesser degree (not much), poor lifestyle habits/addictions, stress, emotional baggage, lack of exercise and polluted environments, all which can greatly increase one’s mortality twice-fold.

In short, adulterated foodstuffs and lethal drugs are a match made in hell…creating a perpetual cycle of suffering and eventually death. How’s that for sobering truth.

So what is really going on behind those closed factory doors? Big AgroChem and their cohorts will never tell us. We the people are locked out and called 'useless eaters' which puts us at the industry’s disposal…in a most genuine and unsettling sense.

See further below for the unimaginable details.

Yes, it is imperative to read nutrition facts and read them judiciously. I stress this warning in particular because of a unexpected incident I stumbled upon at my local supermarket earlier this year.

First off, has anyone been aware of suspicious label alteration in certain brands of fresh poultry at the stores? Does fowl (include some meats too) seem to taste better than ever? Well...know that there lies an added ingredient in your chicken to make it taste the way it does.

If you love poultry as many people do; before you make that purchase, read the fine print - in fact scrutinize the entire package and soon you will find that conventional poultry parts are injected with sodium phosphate, a chemical known to cause kidney damage. Phosphates tenderize and increase juiciness in meats and take notice - a number of brand name frozen/fresh turkeys contain this noxious solution [excluding free range?] and while you’re at it check out some of the other products as well. You may discover more poisons. I was absolutely floored when I came upon this tainted discovery. More disheartening facts; poultry is still on the phosphates menu when it comes to hot ready-made chicken, and toss in deli cold cuts too. Yes, they are all loaded with chemicals. So how about fresh fish and seafood? STTP anyone? What's on Your Fish? Sodium Tripolyphosphate: Another Chemical to Avoid (also in a number of packaged and pet foods). And then give us A dozen reasons to stop ocean fish farming. Goodness, is anything uncontaminated any more? Not much by a long shot.

When it comes to labels, I am literally sensitized to [tags]: natural, minimally processed, broth, natural spices, natural flavor, 1% sodium solution, the list just goes on and on. All are either components of MSG or contain dangerous phosphates. Most all factory produced products from conventional US manufacturers are likely deceptively tagged - meaning there could be some type of chemical lurking in the food you eat and you wouldn’t even know it.  

Aren't you just about fed up with these endless findings?  I sure am.

Quality assurance it isn’t by any standard.
Throughout the last 15 years I have witnessed disturbing physical changes and cognitive decline in people with conventional diets. There is quite a bit of premature aging (inflammation) occurring in adults – observe grade school children reaching puberty at the age of 7, caused by hormone disrupters in plastic bottles, meat packaging, bovine growth hormone rBGH in dairy products - teens and young adults appear older than their years, and disturbingly many are developing elderly related diseases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, reproductive maladies, sexual dysfunction, etc.)…all to the consequence of pathetic dietary choices and consumption of highly refined junk. Isn’t it about time we say enough is enough?!

Now let's discover the shocking truth why our food supply is being poisoned (and the reason the flu vaccine is loaded with dangerous chemicals.


 Miriam-Webster definition of EUGENICS - eu-gen-ics [\yü-'je-niks\]

: a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed

Eugenics further defined:  Eugenics may be defined as "The study of hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled selective breeding."  It is a science of applied Eugenics, negatively characterized by many because it is often used in the interest of racial "refinement" or in extreme cases, genocide.”

Disbelievers: please don’t say,no way would the government do that to us.” Well my friends, come out from beneath the veil…YES they would and the shocking truth is, most of society is not aware of this appalling deception.

"Eugenics is a word with nasty connotations but an indeterminate meaning." (I. Paul, 1998, p. 99).  The first edition of the Encyclopedia of Bioethics' entry for eugenics notes that the term has had different meanings over time: "...a science that investigates methods to ameliorate the genetic composition of the human race, a program to foster such betterment; a social movement; and in its perverted form, a pseudo-scientific retreat for bigots and racists" (V, Ludmerer 1978, p. 457). With a stronger emphasis on its degeneration, Kelves says that by 1935 "...eugenics had become `hopelessly perverted' into a pseudoscientific facade for `advocates of race and class prejudice, defenders of vested interests of church and state, Fascists, Hitlerites, and reactionaries generally'" (I, Kevles 1985, p. 164).

It's quite evident to see that the most effective way to reduce the population is to go through the food system. Makes a whole lot of sense. Society is mass brainwashed and it’s high time we wise and rise up to the fact.

Aside from the organic food boom, adulterated foodstuffs are still making its way into homes. And sad to say, the US food industry will continue its vindictive yet desperate measures to deceive the public successfully on their account. Still far too many people are literally eating and drinking themselves to sickness, impairments and ultimately…to their graves. Be vigilant my friends, be very, very, vigilant.

The bottom line; those who purchase packaged products on a regular basis, start looking for fewer ingredients on nutrient labels. In this case, less is better. One will be healthier as a result and quality of life is sure to improve dramatically. Actually, our bodies were created to consume simple nutrient dense living foods low on the food chain. When you adhere to the laws of nature, there will never be the need to see a conventional medical doctor for any illness (excluding accidents/emergencies of course). And should you happen to fall ill, shortened downtime and speedy recovery is likely to transpire. Resort to natures pharmacopoeia of miraculous healing herbs in various concoctions and trust your power to heal from within.

The industry exposé is nearly making it impossible to avoid all those chemicals, yet, there are steps we can take to minimize exposure and most importantly – to maintain our sovereignty. Begin...



* Become self-reliant

* Become independent of outside authorities and influences

 * Learn survival skills

* Develop your positive strengths

* Bring forth creativeness ~ Discover a hobby (your joyful passion)

 Eat low on the food chain ~ Organic raw greens and vegetables,
fruits, legumes, whole grains, sprouted grains, nuts and seeds
To achieve and maintain optimum health a plant-based diet is highly 
suggested and in which we humans are designed to consume.

* Consume humanely raised pastured livestock for 
those who wish to continue eating meat

* Eat simply and in moderation

* Stay fit with regular exercise

* Take time out each day for self-reflection or meditation

* Have reverence and tolerance for your fellow~humans 
and sentient creatures

* Spend time in nature ~ Connect with the beauty and Soul of Terra

* Live Simply ~ Live Fully ~ Live with Courage ~ Live with Grace

And most of all...

Understand Others as Yourself
For We Are One and All Connected

By DOING all of the above and more, everything else will fall into place. It's the law of real physics. You will be happier, emotionally sound, and healthy as a grand result. And why shouldn't you be?

It is time for mankind to get-back-to-nature and reclaim our true sovereignty. Of importance is to become self-sustainable, since our economy will continue to spiral downward taking what’s left of the integrity of the food industry right along with it. Think positive – and be aware. Work together as a collective society. All it takes is a little ingenuity, planning and determination on your part.

Wherever you are in the world, when spring makes its appearance, grow a garden or raise a flock of small livestock (poultry is good for starters) that will happily present their gifts to you. Of course everything takes work, but look at the rewards you will reap- first you will save money, further you will gain important skills, develop self satisfaction and a wonderful sense of well-being. Implant a gardening and farming outlook and soon you and your children will see it as a fun and educational hobby and a fruitful one at that. Make this a mainstay. Re-connect with nature, remember we are Stewards of the Earth and Keepers of the Garden of Eden, so to say. And to those who do garden and farm, continue on.

Urban dwellers or persons who have little space for growing home-grown vegetables would do well to consider container gardening indoors or community gardening, both which are becoming increasingly popular. Now for those without green thumbs, should the thought of cultivating anything sound daunting, or your precious time is short-lived, the most convenient choice would be to purchase goods from independent family-owned or farmers’ markets, who are there for that specific purpose. Their livelihood is to supply the local community with fresh produce and pastured livestock.

Please support these businesses until you no longer need to rely on the fake food industry. By sustaining your local growers you are assured of receiving quality goods and not the chemical laden garbage that is inundating supermarkets and fast food franchises today.

A sensible and healthy lifetime habit to establish is to eat at home as often as you can. Prepare your own meals, at least you know what goes into them. Take a food prep class or purchase a whole foods cookbook if that will help improve the quality of your family’s mealtimes. As for beverages, reject all conventional sodas with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and aspartame, energy cocktails and vitamin water with crystalline fructose and/or added sweeteners. Another toxic substance to avoid is sodium fluoride, responsible for bone degeneration, cancer, sterility, impaired cognition, (fluoridosis= an apathetic mind-state) and other diseases. Fluoride contamination appears in many popular beverages, factory foods, and most likely in fruits and vegetables watered with fluoridated water. Tap water should be avoided at all costs because of many other chemicals it contains. Fluoride toothpaste is another product to steer clear of since the mouth is capable of absorbing any and all substances that goes into it and that includes brushing. At your earliest convenience make it a point to purchase unfluoridated toothpaste and if the dental hygienist hands you a commercial brand- dispose of it discreetly.

Drink 6-8+ glasses of pure water daily throughout the day as this is what your body requires for optimum health. Purify your water of toxins. If you cannot afford a home water filtration system, invest in a portable counter-top filter. They work efficiently enough.

Everyone loves desserts but when it comes to sweets in general…truthfully and health-wise, skip the simple carbs. The good news is you don’t have to forsake sugar, it’s fine to consume an occasional dessert and a drink or two as long as they aren't made with refined white flour and sugar (processed with cancer causing dioxin). Yes, at times it isn't easy to find natural desserts in conventional supermarkets, so head on down to the nearest whole foods market and look for them there, or best yet purchase ingredients and bake your own goodies. Home made goods are so much tastier, unlike those highly processed fat, sugar laden confections at the stores...although every one has their own taste perception, so I won't even go there.

Fact: Dioxin is present in the environment, in white, bleached and processed products, but primarily in the typical North American diet.

The best approach to satisfy a sweet tooth, is to eat fresh sun-ripened fruit or invest in a juicer/blender and whip up a batch of delicious fruit smoothies. OR instead, think sun dried fruit; dates, raisins, nuts = trail mix. Mix your own and what you'll get is nutritionally dense satisfying food. Other than juices (fresh squeezed is best) one can try iced or hot herbal and green teas, which are excellent choices for beverages. To sweeten, use organic cane sugar, (again be judicious where it comes from) raw sugar, Sucanat, (Sugar-cane-natural) Muscovado sugar, honey (omit if vegan), maple syrup  Stevia is highly recommended as a non-caloric sweetener for use in many foods, but please by all means bypass the recently devised FDA approved proprietary brand of (my goodness will this ever end?) Rebiana, Truvia/Purevia. This is an absolute insult to mother nature!

I could go on forever with more helpful tips and delectable food ideas but that's another well deserved blog on its own.

In a nutshell; plain and simple as the tone of this document portrays...don’t support the mass food industry. Shun them and stay far, far away, in fact run like the dickens as if a contagion is coming upon you, because this industry is spreading their deception like wildfire. Big corporations are driven by greed and profits with no compassion for the welfare of the people.  Behind the scenes of the dark is an agenda to implement society into a New World Order.  Heed the importance of not allowing yourself to be misled by any of the large conglomerates through the corporate media. And finally but not least...

Care and look after each other because the time will come when we will need to…

At your earliest convenience, scroll further down and browse other eye-opener links and videos.

My work is completed for how about joining me and take this a bit further. Viral this document in a healthy manner, for the more our voices are heard victory is could be ours, and furthermore, look at all the valuable insight one can gain.

If you have any questions regarding the content in this document or you discover something that puzzles you, feel free to get in touch through the comment box, and be sure to mention 'Health Freedom' so your inquiry can be moderated before I send a reply. With that in mind, thank you so very much for your time.

To You and Yours in Vibrant Health, Dolores Partier ~ Living in a Dream World


"No provision of Federal Law giving regulatory oversight to any Federal department or agency shall be deemed to apply (a) to any home, home-business, homestead, home or community gardens, small farm, organic or natural agricultural activity, (b) to any family farm or ranch, or (c) to any natural or organic food product, including dietary supplements, as protected under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.”


When it comes to wellness integrity, some may wonder
if I really do practice what is preached. For the most part – a resounding yes!

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