Is Science Fiction Really Fiction?? A REAL Perspective

Dear fellow humans.  It’s past time for naysayer’s to lift their snoozing heads out of the sand.  And as for those who landed on this page - you’re here so how about a bit of incredible insight regarding science fiction.  Are you ready?

Sci-Fi/Fantasy films  convey convincing scientific fact than fallacy when it comes to written plots, although we have been led to believe that all things alien and science fiction is what the name implies - fiction.  Not so... now talk about a blatant switcheroo!  

According to factual evidence, many creative authors and producers who produce some of those incredible and compelling films are communicated through a psychic channel to create out-of-this-world material with the intent of getting their message across to humanity on a subconscious level.  And yes, this concept correlates to musicians, artists and entertainers who are able to tap into this energy as well.  It's called priming the mass audience for their reality and if you really want the truth... your universal kin.  Seem pretty farfetched?  Well of course - to the uninformed - so please read on and...

...Assimilate this eye-opener revelation!

Off-world beings are OUR reality and whether those who wish to be mulish and disbelieve, that is their prerogative.  Not to be condescending - I definitely know better.  So before you cringe in horror, just sit back and ponder the proof in these films such as the Star Wars and Star Trek bar scenes, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Cocoon (1985), and Avatar, are excellent examples.  Other popular films are E.T., Star Trek series, Contact, 2001-A Space Odyssey, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the list is exhaustive.  Whew! 

As with me, I joyfully confess that SciFi and ET films are inexorably fascinating, for I resonate with extraterrestrials of the friendly kind and why not.  For as long as I can remember I've always had an intuitive link to other worldly beings and creatures, somehow it just feels - feels  so natural.  It's humans that I've always thought were the strange ones.  Come on you don't think I'm serious, do you?  Well... let's just hold that thought for another time. 

Know that we are not and have never been alone in the universe - for many people throughout the world especially the newer children on earth called Indigo's - they feel that special E.T. connection of the benign kind, yes, pretty much in general. And how about the alien abductions that traumatized many victims in the past?  Pretty frightening, yes?  Okay let it pass for now, because whether one's soul is essentially dark, light, or a mixture of both as most of us beings are, understand that we are all collective souls in a vast universe of infinite wonders.  Does this make sense or are you still unsure?  Then understand this needless skepticism derives from the secret government who have brainwashed the masses into believing that ET’s don’t exist, despite the fact that they really DO.  Come on open up those minds.  And yet sadly still today most of mankind refuse to acknowledge their heritage or are either dead asleep to the facts.  

On the other hand, my profound interest in off-world civilizations stems back to my childhood, for I just knew there was far more to this life than meets third density - earth.  And this was the trigger for my awakening - an epiphany had come forth.  Now that I have joyfully reclaimed my sovereignty and valor by healing the past, incidences began to swiftly materialize bringing to mind so many pieces of my life that I normally would not recall in an unenlightened state.  Finally, my 'Self' is an unfolding book gently stirring my psyche into re-membering my home world which is in the angelic realm.

 “Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.”
Sir Arthur Eddington (1882 - 1944)

Humbly accepting the fact that I was notably diverse in an unconventional way - yes, unfortunately, my dear earth family had to deal with this, other than the fact I just couldn't understand what in the world was wrong with me - why I have always felt so differently (the Wanderer identity) and misunderstood.  In the long run it really didn't matter because seeing this world reality/illusion through neutral eyes has developed into compassionate detachment with great reverence to friends and loved ones today, and those I hope to encounter along my journey.  And yet so dear to my heart there remains an indescribable fondness for the planet, her flora and her fauna.  Sentient creatures of every conceivable variety - they are all unique and my babies.  This may sound bizarre but I as a very 'old soul' came from an era when beautiful Mother Earth was born into this galaxy.  Then was when my realization materialized into knowing that I Am One with All That Is and being the co-creator of life on this beautiful earth.  How unique and beautiful is that?

So there is no theory here folks, the 'homesickness' that many feel on earth today is the inherent linkage to our ancestors in the cosmos.  The entire picture just rings true.  And to my dear starry friends, your missions are almost complete and the return home is imminent.  

Yes, ET's, aliens, and alleged mythological beings of various forms really do exist, consisting of compassionate, evil, and in the middle souls just like earthlings.  So hang on to your seat for the veil has yet to be lifted, ready to reveal such extraordinary life forms one could ever imagine.  And in case you weren't aware, technology and nature do work in harmony.  Take note - balance is the key.  

So wake up today and accept the fact that we are not alone and the only sentient beings in the universe.  And the reality of it all, well it's right there in front of you plain and clear. Understand that humanity has been subjected to mass brainwashing for ages, which brings to mind - who are the beings that have been duped?  You got it... it's US mortals of course.

"Whether to believe or not, our true heritage lies beyond planet earth, yet still, many scientists today are unsettled on whether to expose this fact.  Of course the elite factors by withholding this information from the public eye - for that is the name of their game."

So next let's read the following passage of Jah's interpretation of our relationship with the cosmos. 

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"I hope that I have succeeded in proving to you all that although "Starwars" is shown as science-fiction, the theme running through it is TRUE and refers to this planet and shown you that what Luke Skywalker learns is what each and everyone of you HAS TO learn in order to get out of Hell, which is where you are now, and become an angel again and go home, never having to wear crude, smelly, clumsy, human-matter again. YODA calls that state of freedom from matter "forever sleep" - like a wonderful dream."  Read the article...

STARWARS (Episodes 4 to 6 inclusively) Fact NOT Fiction by JAH