Mayan End Date Revised from Dec 21st 2012 to Oct.28, 2011

According to researchers like Ian Xel Lungold and Dr. Carl Johan Callerman, the true Mayan end date is not Dec.21st, 2012, but Oct.28, 2011. That's a difference of 13 months and three weeks earlier than the more modern or commonly accepted date. Why the difference? The researchers claim that the Dreamspell or 13 lunar-month calender upon which Arguelles and others based their calculations does not take into account the quarterly leap day(Feb.29) introduced into the Gregorian calendar by Pope Gregory in 1582, whereas the true Mayan calendar does. This pushes the end date almost 14 months ahead of schedule to Dec.21st, 2012(as calculated from Aug.of 3115 BC).

If this revision is valid, and it appears to be so, then we have even less time to absorb the impending switch to a more enlightened state or level of being. As the channeler Bashar would put, it a slightly more positive than negative vibration in our cosmos, and that initial tipping over to the positive side will continuously gather momentum as the years roll by. The cosmos will help us make this transition through earthquakes, pole shifts, and other astronomical/astrological alignments which are merely the outer symptoms of the great changes also occurring inside of us.

Fifth dimensional reality filtered through the fourth will begin to seriously transform our current three-dimensional world or reality. The cause and effect factor will will increase substantially so that what you think or wish for will become reality in almost no time. In fact, our sense of linear time will start to disappear as we learn to let go of our male-dominated thinking mode and balance it with the more feminine intuitive mode. The emphasis on mind and intellect which dominates our modern society will continue to falter in the face of our exponentially increasing vibratory rate and ultimately break down along with the institutions it upholds as it gives way to our more natural and adaptive intuitive mode. 

Throughout the ensuing Uranus in Aries transit(2010-2017) the power will switch from the organization or collective to the individual. Governments, companies, institutions, and organizations will crumble and individual sovereignty will take flight as we reclaim our rightful divine power and identity which we have been robbed of for the last 6000 years. Neptune transiting its own sign of Pisces(2012-2024) will fuel our intuitions and open up the previously hidden or invisible dimensions to our view. Our scope or understanding of the time and place we occupy in this solar system, galaxy, and universe will finally be clear.

Below is a pyramidal structure of the true Mayan calendar from the beginning of this current creation to its proposed end in Oct.28, 2011. After this date humanity will begin the the earnest process of co-creating the next Fifth world, first by imagining or envisioning it and then by bringing it into actual realization. The New World Order elite will try to do this as well but we must beat them to it. Political, climatory, and dietary changes now sweeping the world are all part of this process.
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